We have recently completed and launched the Africa Energy Indaba web site!

Africa’s Premier Energy Event

The Africa Energy Indaba receives global recognition as the foremost African energy event for energy professionals from across the globe. Adopted by the World Energy Council (WEC) as the African regional event of the WEC and presented by the South African National Energy Association (SANEA), the Africa Energy Indaba is supported by the African Union and the NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency. As such, the Africa Energy Indaba has achieved the highest level of endorsement and support for an energy conference on the continent.

So much content

This is a relatively large web site consisting of over 60 pages so it was a challenge to design the site in a way that would make relevant content easy to find to the user. We solved this by having two main navigation areas — a horizontal menu towards the top of the page and a side menu on the left hand side of the page. No menu’s are nested more than 2 levels to make it easy at a glance to see relevant links to the section you are currently reading.