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Google Now Voice Commands


If you have an Android phone you have undoubtedly found Google Now to be a useful tool. I have used it while being abroad to easily find close places of interest and information on where I am staying such as the weather and the current rate exchange. Google Now also has a lot of voice commands, …

How Windows 8.1 Integrates SkyDrive Everywhere


Windows 8.1 Launches soon and is a free upgrade to Windows 8. Read on to see how Windows 8.1 integrates with SkyDrive to imrove things like automatically backing up your files seamlessly and effectively. This article is written courtesy of our friends at How To Geek. How Windows 8.1 Integrates SkyDrive Everywhere

Microsoft Outlook 2010 Shortcuts


Microsoft Outlook is more than an email client. It can be a very powerful tool to organise your time efficiently if used correctly. Other than basic email, Microsoft Outlook also includes a calendar, task manager, contact manager and a note taking application. We’ve put together a page of Outlook 2010 shortcut keys to help you make …